follow up to infinite hell from procjam 2020. got started a bit late on this one, still a lot i want to do with this but the basic idea is infinitely generated platformer with the environment visuals and sound changing as you go up or down through the levels of hell.  

update 5/31/2022: added some optimizations that should make physics act normal regardless of rendering performance, still more to update on this.

code here:

procedural music generation using my project doodoo:

animation made with my project lines:

uses these samples for sfx:

physics with

sound synthesis with


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Is this working right? I move extremely slowly, and can barely jump.

lol, thanks for the feedback, i'll have to bump up the movement speed for the next build.  did you try double jumping? ;)

Yes. Even double jumping, the character didn't reach 50% of his own height, and cannot clear any platforms. That's surely not what you are seeing.

ah got it, yeah that's not working right.  what os/browser are you on? looks okay to me on everything ive tried. thanks :)

Windows. I tried in both Chrome and Firefox with the same results.

thanks for the info, i would guess its probably just rendering too slowly, i'll have to work on some optimizations.